Extremely Concise Style Guide

Reading a New York Times article recently I was disappointed to see them refer to email as e-mail. I had hoped we lived in a post-hyphen, post separate words world.

My preferences:

email – I was actually surprised that the NY Times would use the old dated e-mail. But as it turns out the AP only updated their style guide sans the hyphen in March 2011.

homepage – Hopefully one day this term will be retired (main landing page?) but for the time being this is one word.

website – It just looks so much better as one word.

smartphone – Ditto above.


login- Although log on seems to looks better with the words separated.

ecommerce – Spell check informs me that this is incorrect – e-commerce apparently does not get the no hyphen treatment. This is curious as we’re talking the same electronic that is referenced in email.


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