Look out 2011. There will be Trends.

It appears to be time for those what’s hot and prediction stories for 2011. I’ve seen a couple of useful articles recently that highlight what we’ll see in Content Strategy and with Ad/Marketing/Digital agencies in 2011.

What Will Be Hot in Content Strategy (according to CMS Wire)

Mobile – Specifically how to create valuable, shareable and engaging content for mobile.

Semantic Web – Categorize all of the Web’s metadata in an uniform language and tagging (to be called the Semantic Web), so that all the information can be filed into one giant database to be accessed and easily delivered on demand to multiple devices.

Trackable Content – Tag content so that it becomes trackable from the source. This will be critical to figuring out how best to maximize content’s viralbility.

Social Media Content Strategy – Using social media and the content you push out to social networks to accomplish larger strategic goals.

Technical Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing – Two main types of content strategists will emerge: “Technical content strategists” will be the group thinking about meta-data, Content Management Systems, character limits, XML and RDFs. The “marketing content strategists” will focus on creating relevant content to reinforce and promote branding.

Content Strategy: What Will Be Hot in 2011 [CMS Wire]
Top 11 Ad Agency Predictions for 2011 [Blue Focus Marketing]
5 Content Strategy Trends for 2011 [Content Reveler]
100 Things to Watch in 2001 [JWT]
7 Technologies That Will Rock 2011 [TechCrunch]


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