Making Online Ads Suck Less in 8 Easy Steps

An Executive Creative Director from a shop that specializes in banner ads gives advice on how they can suck less.

Basically create six different ideas, executed in four sizes each and test and measure which ones perform best. Then lather again with some creative, rinse and repeat until you build up a library of banners that outperform (the pathetically low) industry average. One step does add the human element, suggesting that intelligent guesses be made to determine why some banners performed better than others.

More stories of interest from 4/20

AOL Launches Beta Test of Self-Serve Ad Platform : This service will allow advertisers and agencies to directly manage ads and target specific properties based on interest, audience and geography.

Google launches Google Places : Google amps up its Place Pages to help biz owners manage their online presence.

AT&T Unveils : The new service is essentially Yelp meets and it shares a lot of similarities with the new Google Places. Video


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