The Web Content Strategist’s Bible

I just received my copy of the Web Content Strategist’s Bible from Amazon. Gotta love Amazon. I ordered the book on Monday morning, picked the free shipping option and still received the book on Thursday. They are the masters of under promise and over deliver.

Anyway there is much that I will share about this book here. This along with Kristina Halverson’s book are the seminal works on the rapidly evolving field of Content Strategy. In the early going still and so far the author writes about the basics of who the Content Strategist works with, what the CS will be required to do and the various phases projects go through. But this insider tip was particularly helpful when dealing with Subject Matter Experts

For every deadline and milestone in the plan, you need to have a checkpoint at the 80 percent completion point and have an agreement on exactly what will happen if the task is not 80 percent compete…When we are planning a project, I make sure to get these approvers to agree that they feel they have enough time allotted. I get them to commit to the dates we have planned. I set a checkpoint for them to judge how well they are doing. They must have 80 percent of the work completed when 80 percent of the time they have to complete the work has passed. If they do not have this amount of work done, I will bypass them and approve everything in the list myself . They will not have another chance to make content comments and suggest changes until the project goes into the testing phase.


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