The Ten Hallmarks of Great Web Content

The following are excerpts from the white paper The Ten Hallmarks of Great Web Content (pdf document) posted to the Content Strategy group on Linkedin. The author is a principal in the Content Factor, a consulting firm.

1. Great Web Content is written with the target reader in mind.
Figure out why people are coming to your web site. Address their needs. And you will have better chance of converting them.

2. Great Web Content recognizes intent
A 2009 TechTarget study found that buyers visit online communities for information in the early stages of the buying process. In the middle of the cycle, webcasts are popular. Buyers like demos in the second and final stages.

3. Great Web Content is aligned throughout all the deliverables
Your site visitors are entering at different stages of the sales cycle and in their decision process. That calls for different landing pages with different offers and different calls to action.

4. Great Web content should be repurposed.
The Internet is perfect for repurposing content. Turn a white paper into several shorter articles. Convert an article into a podcast. Make a video of podcast interviews and distribute it on YouTube or Vimeo.

5. Great Web content is search-engine friendly.
While it’s important for content to be (Search Engine) spider-friendly—that is a secondary objective. It’s far more crucial that your content is written for people and packaged for people.

6. Great Web content is emotional. It raises the hairs a bit.
Good content gets the reader involved personally. Look for ways to put the reader into the story.

7. Great Web content is authoritative.
Substance and believability keeps Internet buyers engaged with your value proposition. The reader will judge your company’s credibility on the quality, depth and interest of your content.

8. Great Web content is easy to find and easy to scan.
Any content you control—whether it is an email, a white paper, a landing page, or a product page—should be inviting to read. No dense paragraphs or endless scrolls.

9. Great Web content can also be interactive and visual.
The use of video content in Internet marketing is soaring. YouTube has found that 37 percent of its users have purchased something offline that they originally saw advertised on YouTube.

10. Great Web content is dynamic and changing.
Your website can’t be static. Keep updaing it with new and fresh information. News releases are dynamic content—and they give you an often-over-looked way to leverage more traffic to your website.


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