CSNYC Elements of Editorial Strategy Roundtable

I was lucky enough to attend the August meeting of the Content Strategists of New York City (CSNYC) at Bond Art + Science on August 27. You can watch the video of the round table The Elements of Editorial Strategy moderated by Jeffrey MacIntyre, principal of Predicate (who also shared this presentation) and included insights from Ian Alexander (Eat Media), Matthew Geraghty (Razorfish) and Craig Bromberg (AOL).

Memorable tweets during the panel discussion:

rlovinger “This is the breakout year for #contentstrategy” – @jeffmacintyre (plus I got a shoutout)

rlovinger Print publishing is in trouble. #contentstrategy
(Interesting addendum to this thought by Douglas Rushkoff who maintains in a recent article that publishing will ultimately be better once all the corporate conglomerates go out of business or divest themselves, and more numerous smaller players will then have the opportunity to flourish. He was specifically writing about book publishing but this also could apply to other types of print and internet publishing.)

rlovinger @jeffmacintyre If every site I used was “engaging” I wouldn’t have time to eat, sleep, or work. #contentstrategy

rlovinger“sexy jobs don’t pay” @eatmedia – meaning that the flashy writing/editing jobs are not where the high demand is. #contentstrategy

rlovinger @eatmedia Have you seen “Fight Club”? MUCH better film than book.

aktaplin Craig: because content is the real asset, it should lead rather than follow the business strategy. #contentstrategy

aktaplin CS as a service is about mediating the various platforms and understanding the story… and how to tell it #contentstrategy

aktaplin blend of skills: content organization, insight into data capture template, mediating different cultures editorial processes #contentstrategy

aktaplin Examples of CStrats working with publishers: cms migration, bringing many properties onto same page, info architecture #contentstrategy


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